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Aqua Fun in Dubai


What to expect at Aqua Fun in Dubai

Aqua fun in Dubai is an amazing experience for people of all ages. There are numerous water sports and activities to enjoy in the city from jet skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, water skiing, wake boarding, banana boat rides, parasailing and so much more. The city also has several water parks that offer a variety of slides, pools and other attractions for the ultimate water experience. For those looking to relax, there are many beach clubs, beach bars, and lounges along the coast of the Persian Gulf. There are also many diving spots and boat tours available in the area.

Important Information

  1. it is important to keep in mind that all guests must follow the park’s safety rules and regulations.
  2. All riders must be at least 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) tall, and all non-swimmers must wear life jackets at all times.
  3. Additionally, visitors should be aware that most parks do not accept cash payments and require tickets to be purchased in advance.
  4. Visitors should be aware that many parks have height restrictions on certain rides and attractions. It is important to check these restrictions before entering the park to avoid disappointment.

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