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Dubai Frame


What to expect at Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is a large structure located in Zabeel Park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The frame is designed to look like a giant picture frame, with a 93meterhigh, 150meterwide arch to serve as a window to the citys past, present, and future. Visitors can view the citys iconic skyline from the top of the frame. The frame also includes an information center, a virtual reality room, and a café.

Important Information

  1. The frame is 150 meters (492 feet) high and 93 meters (305 feet) wide, and was built to resemble a giant picture frame.
  2. It allows visitors to enjoy views of the city’s modern skyline and its historical neighborhoods.
  3. Visitors can also take pictures of themselves with the city’s iconic skyline as a backdrop.
  4. The frame is equipped with a lift, escalators, and a sky deck on the upper level, which provide stunning views of the city.
  5. The frame also has an augmented reality wall which allows visitors to experience virtual reality displays.
  6. The Dubai Frame also contains a museum highlighting the city’s rich history and culture.

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