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Global Village


What to expect at Global Village

Global Village is an international cultural and entertainment destination that showcases the diverse cultural offerings of different countries around the world. Visitors can expect to find a wide variety of performances, exhibitions, shopping, dining, and leisure activities. Shows range from traditional dance and music to contemporary theatre and art. There are also carnival rides and games, a food court serving international cuisine, and a wide selection of retail outlets. The Global Village also hosts events throughout the year, such as festivals, carnivals, and special events.

Important Information

  1. Health and safety: Visitors to Global Village must adhere to all health and safety regulations in order to ensure the wellbeing of all guests.
  2. Security: All visitors must pass through security checks to gain entry to Global Village. All bags, backpacks and other items may be subject to search.
  3. Prohibited items: Weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous items are not permitted in Global Village.
  4. Dress code: Visitors to Global Village must adhere to a modest dress code. Shorts, tank tops, and revealing clothing are not allowed.
  5. Photography: Photography and filming is allowed at Global Village. However, visitors must respect other guests’ privacy and refrain from taking photos in restricted areas.
  6. Smoking: Smoking is not permitted anywhere within Global Village.
  7. Lost and found: All lost items should be reported to Global Village staff.

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