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Hot Air Ballon


What to expect at Hot Air Ballon

When you go on a hot air balloon ride, you can expect a few hours of peaceful, tranquil drifting in the air, the chance to observe the countryside from a unique viewpoint, and some spectacular photo opportunities. Before the flight, you‘ll need to help the crew prepare the balloon for launch and then climb inside the basket. Once the pilot has lit the burner, you‘ll slowly ascend, swaying gently in the breeze, with the ground receding beneath you. The duration of your flight will depend on the weather conditions, but you‘ll typically stay aloft for around one to two hours.

Important Information

1. Wear appropriate clothing: Wear comfortable, breathable clothing and flat, closedtoed shoes whenever you go ballooning.

2. Check the weather: Weather conditions can greatly affect the hot air balloon ride. Avoid strong winds, heavy rains, and lightning.

3. Follow the safety instructions: Listen carefully to the pilot and follow all safety instructions.

4. Avoid taking sharp objects: Avoid bringing sharp objects such as knives or scissors.

5. Don’t stand near the burner: It is important to keep a safe distance from the hot air balloon’s burner.

6. Don’t touch the balloon: Do not touch the hot air balloon. The fabric of the balloon is very delicate and can be easily damaged.

7. Secure loose items: Make sure all loose items, such as cameras and phones, are securely held

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